Changing Server Hosting Company

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changing server hosting company
How do you transfer your website (s) to a new webhosting company?

I call a webhosting company and asked the representative of how to transfer my website to your company. He told me that 1) open an account with his first company, 2) go to my current computer and download files from my website and 3) upload the files downloaded to your company's servers, and then 4) go to my current domain registrar to change the "name servers." The what the hell was he talking about? Can someone please put what I said in English?!

Hehe … I see why he disappeared! I think he meant that there fair way to automatically move the website. You'll have to manually transfer your website to the new location. You will register your domain name (eg with its new host. The host should have instructions to do this on your site. Then we'll have to reload all the files on your old website in its new host account. You do not have to download if you already have on your computer.

How to change your MapleStory Private Server host w/o loosing any data!

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