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cheap sql server hosting
Internet server issue?

I know somone who owns a website, and the Linode use and when I was in search of hosts fout i IPage now, I want to internt browser-based game, but it seems that IPage is much better for much cheaper, but theres to be a little catch right? I'm looking for a server that whill keep my files and support for PHP, HTML, SQL etc.. somone please explain the difference for me

if you're not too concerned about the service, guaranteed uptime and dedicated server can be cheaper than $ 20 a month ( "Most the cheapest places that can only receive e-mail address support helpline. "Then the cheapest places probably worse Internet connection redundancy and downtime so that more may occur. seems to give a dedicated server rather than a shared server. This means your site is the only one on the server. There are some good things about it. If you have a shared server can not be spammers on the server that receives your IP blacklisted. Could have other sites on the server holding all the resources … so basically gives you all the control, since it is the only use. But we also need to know what you're doing since you have to configure it from scratch.

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