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counter strike server hosting

Why Maxfrag Ventrilo servers is the right choice for you

Ventrilo is a VoIP (Voice over IP client application) that allows real-time communication through hosted Ventrilo Servers. It works independently of other applications (Eg, video) so you can switch from one program to another without losing contact with others. Ventrilo server is ideal for gaming clans competitive, as well as for conference calls with a number of clients. Ventrilo Server Hosting is available in multiple locations ensuring a low latency voice chat stable environment anywhere in the world!

With your new Ventrilo server, you will have immediate access to our panel custom control. You have full control over your server (unlimited codec) without having to follow a complicated set of instructions to get everything working properly.

With MaxFrag reputation on the line with each client, MaxFrag Ventrilo Servers are staying at the best of worlds wide networks to provide the best quality of available servers. MaxFrag prices is perhaps the lowest in the industry, maintaining quality of service superior range. If you've had a Ventrilo server with less than perfect quality and performance, do not hesitate to try a free demo of MaxFrag Ventrilo Servers.

Ventrilo Servers are an essential part of multiplayer games. Good examples are: World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. The MaxFrag why is it so successful in the ventrilo server market is due to meet the needs of the players. Most of them are retired players themselves themselves.

If you are looking for the best customer service, along with low prices and high quality, then it is the right choice MaxFrag for you.

Go to and try it today!

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