Dedicated Server Hosting Agreement

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minors can enter into a contract or agreement?

Ok I have 2 dedicated servers with a hosting company in Australia. I'm only 15 and the company accommodation is asking you to pay outstanding bills 2. The hosting company has broken its own terms of service for not closing after 5 servers days of nonpayment. I checked under the law of Australia with respect to entering into contracts. I see the law is part of the child, but as you can read below. empty Where contracts are held for reasons of legal incapacity, some problems may arise, for example, if ownership of the property passes under a valid contract, and the extent to which the law permits recovery of money or property transferred, whether by or for a minor. Here is the link to the law – (II) PDF age were not asked when I signed and its terms. service has nothing with respect to age.

Could be void or voidable, but action it might take depends on how you entered. Did you lie about your age?

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