Dedicated Server Hosting Free

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dedicated server hosting free
How is that cheap web hosting?

I'm looking to have my own website and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I can buy two years accommodation to about 3 gigabytes of space for the equivalent of around £ 1.30 per month, including a free country. com domain registration. I wondered how companies can provide these services economically. They claim they do not post ads and no additional fees associated, so how can be the luxury of charging rates so cheap, when it's the catch? For two years I'm looking at least a little more than £ 25 for two years and although accommodation doubled the space needed and bandwidth, the only cost increases by 60%. I know that the units of multi-terabyte server retails at only a few hundred pounds, but now they still have substantial overheads to consider.

If you only have 3 GB of space you can get even cheaper This is one of the leading European hosting companies (hosting over 500 000 websites), and currently has a promotion in the UK. They offer accommodation free domain (you have to pay the setup fee of £ 9.00 and that's it). Every plan includes Photo Gallery, Web editor, Google Adwords and much discount more. Take a look.


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