Dedicated Server Hosting Prices

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dedicated server hosting prices
Video site script and a website dedicated hosting too cheap to run the site?

Hi, I'm not exactly trying to do too much "The next youtube" its more for personal reasons. My current host doesn't allow video transmission (despite saying it clearly) of webhosting, case Hostgator's question. I asked about it and even though the friend has not yet support I know it says it is compatible with … so I said that the support also mail (as it was a chat session) and support tells me that just takes too much bandwidth webhosting can have streaming video with kind of ffmpeg video plugin .. anyway, then tell me your dedicated server .. but prices are a little high to me right now and they want to know if a site which has a cheaper price .. if not then I have no choice but to use too crocodiles .. thank you very much in advance:)

well, as hosts, I always recommend but im not sure if you can help with that either. Have you considered simply upload your videos to YouTube and then embed the script on your own website home? thus, its hosted on their servers ….?

Dedicated Server Hosting

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