Dedicated Server Hosting Tips

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I want to host a LAN party. I need help on the issue of creation of matter Network?

i already know about how to obtain the tables and power and food and stuff, but what should I do about networking for my party? I have 15 people, but perhaps less. i can not spend much at all. I have BellSouth DSL and router I have is greater than 5 port.i more or less know nothing about networks and stuff. so please give step by step What do I need to buy and how I can set it to be easy when everybody comes. and the like, what it means to run a dedicated server? "I can use my gaming computer for that and what does it do? and not everyone has to have the games or use a disk with me? and how everyone get where we are all playing together. I need much help with the installation! please give any advice you have!

I know this will sound very rude, but friend, if you do not know nothing about networks, how to create working groups, shared drives and folders, set static ip to avoid conflict, then this idea of having one of the parties land is clearly above his head, and not a good idea ..

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