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What kind of website is Reed? and how much it cost to run?

Hey. I am doing research and was wondering what type of site is CMS's web? How much do you think it costs to run per month in addition to the celebration of what else do you think they use a dedicated server etc? Thanks.

This site was built with ASP.NET because subsequent revisions of the pages are aspx, but I never think in visual studio: D is a SharePoint Web site, SharePoint is a program. which is designed to make pages in ajax and also to create and manage the flows, the sharepoint is learning easy and you can get any page suit in the case of Visual Studio. Net base, and a question for dedicated server I must say that you do not have to more than a dedicated server for your website, there are plenty of servers on the network to provide free space and can upload your site exists, or eg, for site search Google's largest, D or you can rent virtual servers, but they are mostly $ 100 to $ 1000 per year based on the characteristics have, thank you> choose as best answer;)

What is Managed Hosting?


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