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dedicated server hosting yahoo
Is it better to transfer a domain that I have my hosting provider or point the name server with the server for SEO?

I need to use a domain name I have, but is registered with I need to know if you just point the domain to my dedicated server godaddy, I give the same effect that the transfer domain through search engine optimization? Does the site traffic, identification and location have the same effect on Google, Yahoo and MSN results?

DNS settings will not affect your SEO, provided they do not use a redirect URL. All you need to do servers is to assign names to your GoDaddy account new hose and your website and email work normally (I assume that you are getting your mail GoDaddy domain address as well). That said … Always make sure your domain name is in a retail account in her name, but that's a matter of asset protection, not an SEO. Not that I do not think this means you must transfer your domain registration to GoDaddy. I, but not for SEO reasons. I think it's a registrar GoDaddy better than Yahoo. The support is better. The domain control panel infinitely better. And while GoDaddy is a real ICANN accredited registrar based here in the U.S., Yahoo is just a distributor. His current record is Melbourne IT, a leading wholesaler of domain based on the other side of the planet, so it's really hard to solve control problems domain that may arise when it comes to dealer / hosts like Yahoo.

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