Exchange Server Hosting Personal

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exchange server hosting personal
I am assigning a digital certificate to my website. How I can find out what server software I'm using?

I put on my site using web and they tell me that they use and ns1 ns1, but this is not what I need according to the server list on the website digital certificate. I'm not sure if you need personal server software or the software used by my web host. These are the servers listed on the site digital certificate – "Apache Web Server cPanel" ® in WebHost Manager (WHM) "OWA, OMA, IIS 6 and Exchange Server 2003» IIS 7 and Exchange Server 2008 "" Netscape Enterprise Server that I have sought information server, but everyone is on the list is and I need the name of the software you use …. I guess.

You need to contact customer support in because you must also install the certificate on the server.

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