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exchange server hosting uk
Do you think this is a good idea for a gambling website?

So in short I'm thinking (rethinking …) to create an exchange of online gambling does not charge commissions and has the highest odds online, up from Betfair. But … rough calculations and wild for the start of such are not as bright. I other words, I have a budget of $ 10k-$ 15k that I can afford to invest in a new company – which means that even all the money I spend to advertise on google calculations show negative results + i need money for housing (about a hundred $ for servers) and have to pay for At least one person customer service and will pay $ 5,000 for the license to say … Malta. Do you think it's a good idea … with online bookmakers many in 2011 … and I know online betting is illegal in the states, I mean my idea of the United Kingdom, Germany, etc 10x and happy holidays!

I thought the commissions is how these sites made money. So I think it's a good idea not to use the money # 1 device for a gaming website … uh, no.

Dedicated v shared exchange servers

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