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How I can use mod_rewrite to prevent hotlinking multimedia files directly on the free web hosting server?

A few of months, we put launched a free web hosting service. It has attracted many users. I am interested in using mod_rewrite so that when someone clicks on a link to a file multimedia, to get a page with a "Click here to download the file" link. This will give us the opportunity to put some ads on that page, and to wait a little money from bandwidth they are giving free. Thanks for any help! No, I think you can definitely use mod_rewrite for this. It seems the standard is for people completely stop hotlinking.

take a look to the Amazon Web Service S3 ( you people have your files there, and let the file download using bandwidth of Amazon. Otherwise, you can send audio/x-mp3 MIME type to display a "download" visitor's browser window. is not a question of mod_rewrite.

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