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How can I remove the name of the company web site free "," template "?

I have a website, and I use site free web "template" for … but I do not want the company name in the template to the ruin of the page and my efforts, first, that i for results desired .. Is there an alternative or stright a way to hide / remove a name?? Is it really necessary to keep the name?? I tried deleting it, the server deleted my web page, 1 day ago – 3 days to respond. resolvers additional details, please check .. I bought the web hosting space and i am using the free template from different website, as the web page template provided, you stick with a guy who this source link and who wish to remain as it is .. as "template xyz" I was willing to remove / hide or alter this relationship?? respect back:] hosting company remove web site after the removal of link … that's why I want to hide …

Most likely, the template will have a footer file and should be there

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