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game server hosting asia

Regional game works and fiber connections are a boon to online gamblers

online game operators are setting regional server game. Together with the recently announced wide-band low latency in the plans for the next generation of broadband nationwide. Network (then Gen NBN) could mean a better gaming experience evaluators cheaper players. Game operators in general, chose a place to host continent its regional and serves to Asia. Digital Life that his company already has four service providers hosting its Asian Games served in the premises of Equinix. Two of them are U.S. companies are among the leading providers of online gaming in the world. Among those hosting servers with Equinix is mega game from Electronic Arts published some of the largest massively multiplayer online game like Warhammer Online and the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic. With more and more players now MMOG comes from Asia, the major U.S. gaming operators are moving their serves more players to reduce the costs of bandwidth and offer customers a better experience game.

The reduced rate of subscription.

All Eyers Now Blizzard, which publishes the world's most popular game World of Warcraft (WOW). The big question for fans is whether Blizzard launch WOW also serves regional expansion.Blizzard next Cataclysm 's Allen Brack, who is director of product WOW, told Digital Life that "nothing is decided", although the company has been talk that serves Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. With the infrastructure in place, not be surprising if Blizzard chooses Singapore as a place for your region serves WOW. WOW fans in Singapore are paying about U.S. $ 13 (S $ 18) per month the same rate paid by U.S. players to pay the game in the U.S. serves. If Blizzard should start their work here can lead to over subscription fees cheaper for the players here.

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