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Good program to use Internet telephony while playing online games?

I can play ps2 games online computer games and one of my friends had downloaded the racing program, called Skype (really good program would recommend to anyone with a microphone competition) and it worked very well and had good quality except for one problem: You can only support a conference to cancel as 4 people. Play more often 4 people in a team and if I start any clans i would like a program that can host conferences for 8 + people also know about TeamSpeak, but for a host SUMIN server or you have to pay so I think it needs something more. So basically: i what is a good program can be downloaded for free use and free my computer so I can talk to other computers (p2p) with my microphone I can have a lot of people around the microphone at a time. PS going to start playing WoW very soon, so if you play tell me what many people are using when playing cuz it would be useful. Thanks.

Ventrilo and Teamspeak appear to be key used for online gaming. Both are free to use. In my experience, Ventrilo seems to be the most popular. It is a very small, simple application not take up much desk space and does not use many resources. Usually, if you join a guild in WoW, the guild will have a server that keeps so you do not have to worry about on setting one.

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