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How do you use, install and maintain an Apache server?

Hello. I'll make a website with news and articles and I need a content management system. I decided to go for Joomla. The problem is that I need an Apache server, but do not know what to do with one. What do I install the software on the hosting site or my PC? If the second, if my PC is what my web site completely accident (because my entire site will depend on Joomla)? How much space do they take? In addition, How I can keep it? Do not want to spend £ 1000 for a server on which the popular E1 data center in Texas. It's just a fan site of a game to play. If I have to spend I'll have news thousands nice because I know it works without a MySQL database.

You do not set up a dedicated web server to run web sites of this scale. Buy a web hosting package that has php + mysql. Packages are generally purchased for a minimum period of 12 months. The holding company will also help to get a domain name. Again, it is too cheap and is also purchased and renewed annually. The hosting company will do all the leg work for you, including help setting up Joomla. GoDaddy is a reputable company that offers both services – domain hosting + and good support. That said, just before go online, you can configure a Joomla installation on your home computer to see how it works. Google for something called "JSA" – Joomla Stand alone server. I'm sure it's free but do not have to be "online." If you are wondering then yes, JSA includes mysql and apache and everything you need to test Joomla installation.

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