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How to host game servers?

I'm thinking of starting a game server rentals. The game will be held possibly Counter Strike: Source. I would appreciate a detailed explanation. I will rent a dedicated server. Also, how I can get steam to run more than once at a time. How I can get people to rent by creating a website?

There are many ways to do this type of accommodation. I recommend you seek in Google at reasonable prices. After buying / renting the server, you must install the source of DS (Dedicated Server) on the server. After that, just the options you want for the server, add your mods servr and make sv_lan is set to 0 (type sv_lan 0 "on the DS, without the quotes). In Regarding how to get a web site, I recommend Yahoo's lodging, $ 12 per month is reasonable, 25GB transfer, 25 GB of file hosting, design tools, etc. .. . If you want more, as Pearl, SQL, PHP, and so, I would like to upgrade to Small Business Yahoo! professional. That would get the entire website. Integrate an HTML scripting PayPal (already added in the PageBuilder Yahoo! 2.2) to the website, and you can get the money from rents. Good luck man. -Cybersnark

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