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Why do people in Singapore racist?

I play Counter strike: source game is not the Chinese guy in a game server of the Indians … insult ….. surprise me! I have visited Singapore and Malaysia and also toured Singapore Sentosa Island.I liked a lot, but now I feel horrible that I even went there. And ironically ….. the server is hosted in Singapore. The rules say that particular server is not racist … and yet this gets away with it! And this is not a fake story .. is real. This is not one of the players! After all a player is a person … Right? Not all Singaporeans represent Singapore? Justify that!

pls pls pls …. I seriously tattooed virgin should go home and drink your milk instead ….. can, racist or not, is basically a choice, deliberately or not done by an individual. as we have seen, racism is something that causes some degree of harm to humanity, which is something, sad to say, exist everywhere, not only in Mexico alone. I a Sinagporean, although I can play CS dun, I'm definitely not a racist. i have frens of the religion of the race. and I believe and choose to do the race ….. why race? the Life is hard enough, just enjoy doing what you love, like playing CS. racist comes from everywhere, but not everyone is racist. We hope to meet people kinder in your game. Greetings. :>

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