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Help me create a web server on Windows 2003.?

I'm used to working with Linux (Apache) servers, but now I have an off-site Windows Server 2003 running IIS6. I've seen the help files, but I'm confused and I really do not know where to start to be honest. When I enter the administrator IIS, says it all inclusive "web server" is underway, but I can not access the default web pages with my browser, I tried 'localhost' So my server's IP y. You also need to configure the name servers, php, mysql, etc. .. but first I want to see the default web pages load in a browser before reaching the date. The server comes with an IP, I ordered another, because the NS name servers require 2. I will use this server to host a game of 'Halo' and multiple web site …. i considered a hosting business to help pay for the server. Any info would be appreciated. If I can not find a way Use IIS, which I prefer, I just install Apache and do it the old fashioned way. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

From Win2K3, Microsoft has disabled the HTTP listeners by default, so if you deploy a web site will still be non-functional due to Win2K3 not "listening" traffic to the website. The first thing you do when you own a Win2K3 intended to be a Web server is installed on Win2K3 RK and "Windows Server Tools. "In the latter, which will install a tool called HttpCfg and this tool can display, turn on the listeners and disable HTTP. Hooray for "security by default." And it just might put some Apache systems administrators in their place … By the way – Further information If you intend FTP support increases … NTFS permissions now deny FTP write by default. (That's an advantage for you, even before running it)

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