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What is PHPBB All About Then?

The acronym for PHP phpBB Bulletin Board, ie, a bulletin board script programming language PHP. A bulletin board, also known as this, forum, web forum, web forum or a discussion forum, a platform in the international network which provides (i) the creation of a virtual community of like-minded people and (ii) the interaction between them.

The popular phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, highly customizable open source and free (ie, no fees, no subscriptions, no restrictions on modifications) in the Internet forum package software that can support a variety of management systems such as MySQL databases, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access (via ODBC). With its user-friendly interface, simple administration panel and helpful FAQ, phpBB is the ideal builder free community for all types of web sites.

The main features of Internet phpBB forum system are:

Easy Installation
Multi-language interface
Support for a large number of database servers
High security with encryption and broad-reaching and powerful authorization system for password security
Unlimited forums can be organized into categories Unlimited
Unlimited forum members
Private or public forums
Service powerful search
Private messaging facility
Template Customization
Format messages font style and size, image also lets you publish, display the code, the automatic URL link
Easy to use administration panel
A large community of users providing free support phpBB

phpBB Forum Hosting

A phpBB many hosting providers in the market for Web services, offering from 100% free forum or low cost hosting packages to packages in the premium paid forum hosting, depending on the quality of the server, the features included in the package and the quality of customer service and support provided by the company in the forum accommodation. 100% Free phpBB type of massage boards usually come with limited disk space and limited bandwidth per month and are often accompanied by banner ads, while the premium paid forum hosting packages are ad-free packages with larger disk space and perhaps unlimited bandwidth per month.

As mentioned above, an Internet forum is a platform for people with common interests, where you can meet virtually and exchange ideas on any topic of interest, whether technology, politics, health, games, or whatever. This way they can find solutions to their problems or help others to solve their problems, giving advice. When used with intelligence and diligence, as well as socialization activity in a forum can also be exploited to attract traffic to your website. So go ahead and participate in an appropriate forum or host your own phpBB forum on your website.

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James Johnson, being an expert in phpBB, I have set up some free phpbb hosting for you all to use.

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