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MAILER DAEMON Why return my e-mail from an e-mail never sent?

I have a dedicated server of Linux that I sent an e-mail (account) to another email account (account B) of the mine on a different host to share, and I did successfully get e-mail account B. However, the account B, I also received an email from MAILER-DAEMON from my server stating: I'm afraid I was not able to deliver His message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error, I've given up. Sorry, did not work. : Sorry, no mailbox here with the same name. vpopmail (# 5.1.1) I do not know (email address has changed for privacy) is and never even email to this person. Does my server that has been cut or a spam bot urgent my mail server or something? Sorry I meant that I had received e-mail MAILER-DAEMON in my Account A, with the same message back in the bottom as the email that was sent to the account B!

your e-mail address is being spoofed to send spam. Since spam is sent to a wrong address that was recovered for

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