Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

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managed dedicated server hosting
What are some but low cost reliable hosting solutions for dedicated servers?

I have developed a web based application using Java Struts, Tomcat, MySQL, etc. I want to welcome all of these on a server (operating system platform should not matter, since it is Java and MySQL) that runs on a reliable data center. I get the benefit of all managed services (which right to make backups, etc), but I have my own server to make compared to the ease of loading and Java applications do not run very well on shared hosting systems (and do not have all the tools and libraries used). I'm looking to see if any data center in India and has proven connectivity. any information on this matter is greatly appreciated.

I like to see what people have to say about this too. Not sure if this will help, but it certainly should be in the ballpark. Try taking a look at some of the activities Best web hosting solutions mentioned in this site: Most hosting companies business have dedicated servers, as part of what they offer. I'm sure you can get full … also achieved that's what I'd shoot for long. Hope that helps.

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