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managed server hosting providers
Business Information Software recommendations?

I'm in the process of setting up a recreation complex, and I'm looking for suggestions for IT solutions. What I had as a server / workstation configuration that can handle all our needs, including:-Mango and monitoring sales-Maintain a database of client-Managing Access card-members access to other databases Keep allow us to monitor and record / playback of our security cameras-host our website and allow our members to modify their own accounts of the handle on our home A / V lighting system control what I wonder is where to start … Is there a software package that can handle this, or if we have to have some kind of basic software (such as server MS) as the backbone, then run separate applications each at the top. I guess we'll have more chances to find a supplier solutions, but I would have as much information as possible before we do that. Many thanks to all who reply:)

Most software packages begins with the company for accounting purposes, which will cover some aspects of their needs, and will not be a package that will handle all this. Therefore, buying a standard package (Quick Books) and the rest you need an IT specialist for gaskets. Good luck!

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