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HOW CAN I FIND "name server" in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio express .. ?

I installed "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express on my computer .. but they are asking first to connect the database via "name server", but I'm not able to find the server name in my computer .. for information I have. NET also on my computer and no server name in dat .. I wrote the name dat also but im still nt able to connect .. So how I can find my name server via PC .. ? I try to register the server name also dat through the View menu by Goin "Registered Servers" .. . And YUP .. I also IDO A Configuration Manager SQL Server> Click right in the SQL Server> Properties Service tab>> The value in the host name .. WAS THE SAME AS HE WAS. "NET" and "Properties MU team ".. but still nothng going on .. but I can not connect :-( .. .. So how I can start my database because I want .. d0 or how I can find my name in the PC server .. ? Plz help me .. MIT (INDIA)

it establishes that when you did your installation, but usually is somewhere rather similar to the computer name

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