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Perform OST to PST Conversion When Exchange Server is down

Ever face a critical situation when you can not access Outlook. Down Exchange Server is one of the reasons for this. When the Exchange server goes down, is facing difficulties to access the Outlook mail items such as messages, contacts, attachments and tasks. All the Outlook application becomes completely inaccessible. In this situation, the OST is very beneficial. With the help of the OST file, you can access the Outlook mail account offline. When the Exchange server is working correctly, OST file is automatically converted to PST file. But when Exchange Server is reduced, then the timing can not perfrom. At that time, a conversion tool OST to PST is necessary. The tool converts OST to PST Outlook and makes a smooth implementation.

Exchange server down throws following error message on the screen. Because of lower exchange server, database Exchange Server can not be addressed. In other words, when you try to start Exchange Server Information Service with the help of Microsoft Outlook. An error message appears on the screen:

Changing server name server could not be contacted.

Exchange server is down or unreachable. This could be due
to a network or permissions problem.

This error message stops all email communications. email completely inaccessible objects. In order to solve above error message, first find out the causes.


The above error is seen in the system when the Exchange server gets down. Exchange server gets to cause failure. In general, registry errors or corruption is one of the reasons responsible for this problem.


OST is very useful to solve above problem. Above problem is down the Exchange server. But OST Exchange Server does not need access to Outlook data. So make use of an OST file. Basically, the Exchange server maintains the local OST file. At that time, the Cached Exchange Mode is active. At the same time, the server connects Microsoft Outlook with Exchange, the OST file is automatically converted to PST files. The resulting file contains the same PST file data OST, but the condition is that the OST file must be updated regularly.

As above problem occurs because the Exchange server synchronization below can not be performed. Therefore, it is necessary to convert OST to PST manually. For OST to PST conversion to a third party option to convert ost to pst tool. In the market, numerous tools available that performs the conversion of OST to PST pretty well. inaccessible data is accessible. These tools do not require sound technical knowledge.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Desktop V4.5 Tool easily becomes unusable OST file to PST usable. The OST and PST tool restores any disc that can be detected more easily in the host operating system. The tool preserves the HTML and RTF format. You can download a demo version of software to test the software. It is compatible with MS-Outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000 and 2002.

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