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Duqu Virus Spreads to Belgium (Mobiledia)

Duqu, an increasingly elusive virus, has infected servers in Belgium, creating
alarm as super-viruses become more sophisticated and confound governments and

Security firm Symantec alerted Combell Group, a Belgian Web-hosting company,
that one of its servers was communicating with Duqu-infested PCs. Hackers
often co-opt legitimate servers to conduct covert operations without
companies’ notice.

“We decided to shut down the server immediately,” said Combell business
development manager Tom Blast to Reuters.

One anonymous Combell worker said the server, leased through October 27, 2012,
was running suspiciously few programs and looked “fishy.”

“It’s weird,” the employee commented. “The mail log itself has almost no
entries. I think they are deleting data so they don’t leave traces.”

Duqu’s presence on Combell follows its takeover of a Symantec server in Mumbai
last month, raising questions about the increasing complexity of super viruses
and how seriously they threaten international security.

Symantec warns Duqu is related to the infamous Stuxnet virus that targeted
Iran’s nuclear centrifuges, as the two worms contain identical code. Stuxnet
is meant to cripple a specific program, while Duqu collects information from
any and all companies and official organizations it comes into contact with.
Any information gathered could potentially be used …


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