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Why is my own personal email domain entering as spam in my email account from Yahoo and other Yahoo accounts?

I have a new domain name failry I use as my primary personal email account. It is hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server has not been used for spamming or mass. I emailed a and my email went to your spam file. I e-mailed my account and was classified as spam. I also tried to send a blank email with only one subject and no graphics, signatures, attachments, and so got the same results. Thanks in advance for your help! Thanks for the info on how to add the incoming email address to a safe list yet I wonder why the mail is classified as spam. I want to be sure others with a * @ email account is not lost my emails. I send my resume to a few prospects (do not send mass e-mail) and I really do not want to lose e-mail or want to talk through the search in your spam file. Thanks!

If e-mail lands in your Yahoo spam box, opening message, you can mark it as "not spam" and that should solve your problem. There is a button right on the message area somewhere that allows you that.

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