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server hosting centers
How much does it cost to host a server in a data center?

Thinking about the possibility of hosting a web server, and I'm in price between purchasing a dedicated server, or the creation of my own and co-location is. Advantages and disadvantages, prices please?

space "rent" Most people in a large server vendors (for example, GoDaddy, etc) – this can cost anywhere from $ 5 to $ 50 per month (depending on what the "package" to go with) "host" Discover your ISP or Internet provider to pay their bandwidth for a decent 'up' and host their web sites on your own server at home. However, it seems that is far beyond this level – accommodation in 'farm' of a secure server is $ 1,000 a month and rising co-location hardware on your farm will be approximately the same (at these levels, hardware costs are irrelevant == is bandwidth and maintenance) .. I always went for hosting in hardware == "farms" have multiple identical kit and interchangeable boxes with zero interruption of service .. whereas when the box breaks could take hours (or days) is exchanged for .. The only time you go to the co-location is if you need your server to be very safe (and servers are normally inaccessible to the public) .. in these circumstances must ensure the physical security of hardware (locked in his own cage), and the use of different security servers, etc (ie, so you can ensure that there are "holes" are open to others 'Game' peoples sites, etc) … Software security is guaranteed by just running the protocols and services that are really needed (so, for example, Remote Desktop and Terminal Services can also be disabled access = would be through some sort of scapegoat VPN protocols, but also can run a RADIUS service and a sort of "turnkey" off-the-shelf (RSA token) to control access)

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