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What rights do I have if my employer is accused of stealing?

I work for HMS Host in Charlotte, North Carolina. On Monday he met with official loss prevention and suspension for 3 days for the investigation of not ringing sales. I work as a server in a small bar. Do I have rights in this matter? Do I need to show me the evidence that I suspend or dismiss me? never said exactly what I did, or actually said it had evidence, all what was implicit. When I refused to confess to anything, that's when I stopped. It assumes that I have to go back in for the meeting today. I did not steal, but a coworker who did was fired last week and rumor has it that betrayed the whole world to save her …… Another girl was questioned yesterday, but that go to work.

Their rights have been violated. Your employer may suspend for cause, like any entrepreneur who runs a business that is not unionized, and your employer can terminate your employment for cause as well. If you have been suspended due to a loss prevention research, then that is cause enough. Must however, tell you why you are suspended and what you are suspected. Once the investigation is over, your employer can bring back to work or terminate your employment. If he / she decides to terminate employment, you must say why. If you are fired for something you did not, then you can contact the local labor board and file a complaint to get his job back. But if your employer is going to do this, do you really want to work for him / her anyway? If the investigation shows irregularities on his part, surely your employer may terminate your employment, he / she can also file criminal charges against him. If that happens, I suggest get a lawyer immediately. I would be interested to know how this turns out ….

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