Server Hosting Checklist

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server hosting checklist
exactly what I look for to verify that the windows of my hosting server is healthy and safe?

I have a windows hosting server and that is very run no problems so far. what exactly should I check to monitor the health of my server, is there a checklist .. some tips .. where should I start from of …

well, this response should ot be long and complicated, but I'll give you a few tips. Search for "Sygate SOS" and the port ru nel images to make sure your firewall is doing its job. See the web server logs web / ftp. Also look at the event viewer to see who is logging on and off and what are the programs and services have been making (mistakes of scholars and other things). Keep a close watch on the firewall logs and look for questionable activity. Hopefully you have assets identifier systems installed and can see these things. Go to the Microsoft home page and search on the server status and follow links, one can say things that u do and find. I can not give links to this as Microsoft turns its links regularly and would be obsolete in 2 hours. As I mentioned, there are tons things u can do to minitor your server depending on how involved you want to monitor nad. Just overall health is difficult to answer as each service different runs the server can and should be minitor. There are programs out there ethat incorporate a lot of records and monitoring service in a GUI user. If the server is getting hammered with users, then u want you automate the process. If you are just being used for the low number of people or services, then just look at the records themselves. If you have to live on the web and its been working fine for over a week then u can be pretty sure it is safe. But ot necessary to see that may have been able to take control of the same 50% of the hackers out there to gain control and use to your advantage and let it do what u have to schedule to do there so have no idea or anythnig has changed. Corro email ftp, http, streaming meadia, instant messanging and some other things, in the form of servers, so I know what you're talking about. Auditing and security monitoring and are my best friends.

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