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Expectations and future of Web Hosting in 2011

Since the penetration of the web hosting market is witnessing a massive leap from base year year, there are good expectations. Major economies such as China and India have to go further, the media, its middle class population which accounts for about 20% of the total population and lower middle class are the immediate users. The future of web hosting in India will increase the number of times in 2011 due to many reasons. Hosting will be used effectively for education institutions and distance education programs are gaining momentum in India and elsewhere. Since India represents a significant portion of people without education and improve their financial status means a high level of Internet connectivity and other infrastructure expected.
The urbanization of the major economies like China and India need more infrastructure development, especially in regard to connectivity network. medical field is another area where the hosting is going to play in great shape. There are thousands of remote villages in India and China, where there is a lack of qualified professionals. online consultations can be done through video conferencing and many villages have used this facility and for 2011 is expected to make many changes in the traditional form of consultation doctors. For people in remote areas of the country, which was a remote possibility of consulting a doctor in another country or big cities and the Internet and services web hosting definitely close those gaps. A recent study confirmed that 39% of Internet users in India are going online for health information.
Another important development is expected in the Internet access via mobile phones. In this business segment also, the major economies like India and China will play important role. In India alone about 730 million mobile subscribers and the network connectivity to a large percentage of users will increase dramatically the Internet and related services penetration.

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