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What is the name of the server (Help me!)?

I need a "name server" to download Citrix really need for school. The question to ask is: What is the address of the server hosting their published applications? What in the world would this be?

For this situation, the school should have provided a website address. You visit the website to access, then see a list of applications. Clicking one of these on the website will start a session for the application (without actually having to install it on your computer). The "launching" would be the point where the Citrix client would be launched. A certain type of Citrix customers asking the way when installed. But that situation is very different school should always have the instructions in this alternate method does not use web browsers to make the connections work, unlike what I described above (PNAgent or services XenApp for those of you who are reading this page question / answer). I think it's best to talk to the service of school attendance. There are too many ways that a "Citrix" environment can be deployed without further description of what the school has said, can not really guess.

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