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server hosting costs uk
I am creating a website for a UK market – Where should I be the host? UK or U.S.?

My new website is still under development, but I'm thinking ahead about where I should be the host. It is a UK market. The cost of hosting a web site traffic environment in the United Kingdom seems far more expensive for comparable housing services in the U.S.. So my question is are there any drawbacks to host a website United Kingdom in the U.S.? The most obvious is the speed of the site, taking into account the additional distance has to go to reach my web server. All comments welcome. Thanks. While I recognize a standard "UK" or answer "U.S.", would also appreciate some of the reasons why it would be rather, the pros and cons of each.

Note that the hosting is a global service, it is important that you are in Au, UK, Ca or U.S.. And also the cost of housing services in the UK and general Au is a bit high compared to the same services in CA and the U.S.. If you want to start your site website I recommend purchase your domain from and get hosted by Blue Host (if your website is nonecommercial) or Inmotion (if you run an eCommerce site). Inmotion was awarded as the best host web Busines 2008. You can take a look at its features: Inmotion was awarded Busines as the best web host 2008. You can take a look at its features: As an experienced webmaster I recommend I'm sure that will work for you and to meet all your needs. ** Important ** The speed of the website only depends on the quality of your server no accommodation, distance. Otherwise, Yahoo or Google Sites is running slowly on your computer. Keep in mind, most Web sites you visit every day are received by companies in America. Good luck!

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