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Dynamics GP eCommerce Shopping Cart Options Integration

If you have Microsoft Dynamics GP practice in corporate organization ERP implementation and are now looking for the second phase, which gives the following nice as the e-commerce shopping cart is subject to integration This small publication is for you. First we would like to share with you our belief that shopping carts e-commerce, such as Magento / PHP (especially when you're on Linux), the store in ASP.Net, Nop Commerce and others, are very robust and there is no real need to program the shopping cart from scratch internal (Until the wholesale or retail e-commerce really huge, where you prefer to have complete control over the program proprietary business logic and source code and have the budget to afford such luxury approach). In our case, we try to give e-commerce add-on for Microsoft Dynamics GP (often referred to by name Great Plains Dynamics and historical eEnterprise in case if there is any confusion with the name of the application) which just follow the setup wizard, select your e-commerce shopping cart called a drop-down list in the initial steps. Other measures are specific to the dynamics of GP integration typical e-commerce: setting up Inventory Control, Sales processing module:

1. Shopping Cart e-commerce the image on the Great Plains. It is normally Sales Order Processing invoices or sales orders with strong customer in the form of credit card payment (on particularly in the B2C scenario, while in the B2B scenario can sell prepaid account and is optional.) If you assign an invoice or order lines automatically directly from the shopping cart, e-commerce to specify the default SOP ID as the one with the automatic assignment (in this case compliance of items that happens instantly as e-commerce document is transferred to the doctor). If you would rather prefer to meet through warehouse lines Management System / bar code at the store, then choose from identity where the allocation is set out in the manual. Second important concept Inventory is the default option of e-commerce web identification – in the Great Plains is important to have the default settings to reduce the minimum data entry document. In the case of sales order processing document each site can have default identifier, if specified – Each line is automatically assigned (or assigned to perform manual) in the specified site. Organized inventory control site object is participating in the logic and distribution modules, sales order processing, purchase order processing, bill of materials, manufacturing set of modules billing (this form however, is rather the legacy, not recommend it for serious consideration in the implementation of e-commerce)

2. e-commerce and non-inventory items. For smaller e-commerce retailers, especially specializing in highly volatile (which changes each week or month) the sale of product catalogs, you may decide to completely abandon inventory control features such as quantity on hand, returned, damaged, in the service equipment and is only sold through sales reports (based on tables and SOP30300 SOP30200 – head of the document and the story line). If it becomes e-commerce shopping cart document lines on items not in inventory Dynamics GP SOP – Identification of the item is simply the text in capital letters (Or the flow of the characters), then the description is a combination of capital and lowercase letters, digits and boundaries, plus no price list (must specify QTY sold, the price and cost know if)

3. integration of electronic commerce technology. Our supplement in e-commerce module is based on proprietary technology Alba Spectrum Order connector. According to our performance tests, Order of connector is more efficient compared with Dynamics GP eConnect SDK (the two technologies based on SQL stored procedures, but Order of the connector is oriented toward light weight sales logic of order processing transactions, where eConnect validates 100% of the Dynamics GP business logic SOP, which could contribute to stored procedures and execution time and in our opinion and taking into account all the processes in e-commerce plug – just some of the business logic must be validated, the rest of the realm of logic is very optional)

4. What if your organization can sponsor ecommerce cart purchase programming from scratches? If the basket is e-commerce shopping cart interface generic performance, you may be able to incorporate into our e-commerce add-on to Dynamics GP. If your cart is really complex and proprietary, do not hesitate to call for the estimate. We really a challenge cars built in the past, especially in environments such as Linux / PHP / MySQL. In addition, there are limitless options to move the ownership document to shopping cart Dynamics GP via text or ODBC connection Advanced Integration Manager. Is able to offer IM integration in near real time (every 20 minutes, or the name of the interval time), is set to Windows Scheduled Tasks on the server (there are several shareware and freeware, even providing executable program called DOS parameters) The same approach could be called when buying a new car electronic commerce document and is finishing shooting directly into the e-commerce application (Just call instant messaging with the parameters of its code of e-commerce web application)

5. eConnect front Integration Manager. Dynamics GP eConnect SDK is a powerful tool, was initially dedicated to eCommerce developers to open the Great Plains objects and transactions e-commerce for the integration of the shopping cart. In our opinion eConnect became stable and free of errors with the introduction of dynamic GP version 9.0, so we recommend you try it yourself (especially when you are considering as the practice of Microsoft Visual Studio C # or VB.Net encoder). The best scenario to deploy eConnect libraries is when your e-commerce web site is programmed in Microsoft Visual Studio. In the case when you are Linux e-commerce platforms, there are ways to call Windows DLL and eConnect methods (stored procedures) indirectly through Linux the bridges of Windows, however, may also occur long hard learning curve. Therefore, if you are on Linux, Unix, Oracle / platforms Java, IBM DBII, we prefer We encourage you to reconsider the export basket of e-commerce purchases in text (tab or comma delimited) file format or even XML-compatible platforms. In terms of integration and performance comparison Manager eConnect, you may note that for Dynamics GP Integration Manager Version 10.0 (and, especially, the current version 2010/11.0, as we write these lines in September 2010) introduced eConnect connectors integration where the integration of instant messaging is in fact the same call SQL stored procedures as if directly implemented in Visual eConnect libraries Studio Web project, so the performance should be comparable

6. Which version is recommended before immersion in the integration project e-commerce? The answer depends on the scope of the project. You might be fine to deploy Integration Manager in all versions of Dynamics GP and even legacy Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise: 9.0, 8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.0 (please note that Integration Manager works even for that archaic platforms such as SQL generalized PP 2000/Btrieve and Ctree). However, if you are looking forward to integrate real-time electronic commerce shopping cart directly from Magento, or ASP.Net Shop other full-featured platform shopping cart, we recommend you upgrade to Dynamics GP at least version 10.0

7. The combination of ecomerce with Warehouse Management System and barcode technologies. If you are looking for complete automation, where the shopping cart is scheduled for completion automatic warehouse bar code scanning, we recommend you consider Firefox WMS Alba Spectrum Microsoft Dynamics GP

8. If you are expanding internationally as a wholesaler or retailer of electronic commerce. Here you need to become familiar with the concept and location of ERP Professionals. Usually includes two components: support from local or regional language and the tax code or comply with local regulations the country's business (custom code, form bill, sometimes government approved plan of accounts and the number of transactions should be posted in GL – Good examples are France or Russia). The current version 2010/11.0 Dynamics GP version 10.0 and are located in English speaking countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada (including French-speaking province Montreal Quebec), Spanish speaking Latin America, Caribbean Basin, Oceania, Southeast Asia, where English is used as the language of business. If you are multinational subsidiaries, international expansion and your country is not listed here, why not give us a call to consult or consider other corporate platform ERP for you foreign subsidiary: Dynamics AX Axapta or if you prefer SAP – SAP Business One must also bear in mind that skill Dynamics GP platform is not compatible with Unicode-based language (usually hieroglyphic characters based alphabets such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

9. For more information, please call 1-866-528-0577, email us By the nature of our service are available for implementing WMS USA, Canada, nationwide. local service available in West Michigan: St. Joseph, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, New Buffalo, Chicago, Northwest Indiana Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Orange County), Houston and Dallas areas of Texas

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