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server hosting equipment
Gmail is on me! I have to send bulk email. Ideas?

I've been banned for gmail a few times so far and I need a better way do this. I have my webcam connected to the server in my room to take pictures and video whenever it detects motion when I'm at home and send by e-mail images as soon as they are created. If a thief breaks into my room and steals the server, I'll have pictures of the thieves to give the police. Or at least I if I can send the pictures to myself without being banned by the email service. All ideas e-mail or file hosting are welcome, preferably free. So far my room "security system" is totally ghetto rigged with equipment that already had and does not cost me a dime. Rap man, I can not find a question I have answered yours recently, and that your questions and answers set to private.

you can try to create another e-mail that the photos sent to

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