Server Hosting Fees

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server hosting fees
Is there a way to use my home computer as a server and be sure (they have a logon to the web server)??

I have a mine site, but only at my disposal. I want the web is where I can upload files from another computer (not the server computer on it) in the site in order to access them somewhere more like a meeting of something. I want my computer to host the website, so do not have to pay the monthly web hosting. Not want to buy expensive server for this purpose. I have a regular internet provider Comcast. Imagine I'm stupid computer to respond to what is clearer step by step. What to do with these programs are the creators of the site?

Here is what I would do: 1. Download and install XAMPP 2. If you have an IP address assigned dynamically by your ISP, you register for an account ant, pic a subdomain name and unloading, stop and run the client dynamic update 3. Install a content management system as phpmywebsite Make it all work together

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