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Is this legal? (Question about point out in restaurants)?

I tried searching online but am having trouble coming up with nothing. I work in a restaurant where I was hired as host of $ 8.00 per hour. We pay our $ 4.19 per hour, which is the server minimum wage. The rest received of our time every night on what they call an "end to end." Each server must tip out 3% of food sales to pay for our extra $ 3.81 per hour that we must do our hourly wage of $ 8.00. This leads to the existence of surplus money at the end of the night is not giving the host / esses. The restaurant maintains This money goes into the bank accounts with deposits normal normal. If it is important, the hosts are also collecting money to take advice if any. We are located in southwest Florida, which has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country. This whole situation just seems that maybe not for and I am questioning legality of the end to end servers that make up half of an hourly wage. If anyone has any idea, thanks.

Most restaurants have servers tip out some of the staff, busboys, ie hosts, bar, to help keep wage costs down, that's normal. However, the restaurant under any circumstances, keep all the money over. The servers are the ones who should have a problem with this, not necessarily because its getting the $ 8/hr promised. That But they're saying, and waiting, its 3% to go to the hosts and it is not. Regularly point to $ 30-40/shift and annoying if the restaurant was keeping some and not to interested persons. It may not be worth getting a lawyer, or lose his job over, but you might want to bring together officials and talk with management about practice and see if they can solve. As for the legality, I'd say probably can get away with the tip of the cape that make up their wages, and not likely to have a specific employment contract that says your full pay money will come directly from restaurants. If you ever said, or something in writing saying that you win more than $ 8/hr tip-out then you may have a case. You have a case that shows promise to give 3% of advice to the hosts and keeping part of it this is theft or fraud. At the end of the day, while pursuing in the courts is not worth it, youv'e lost wages probably will not either. You should be able to speak with an employment law attorney for free, and I'll say the best course of action. The restaurant industry is a shadow, get used to it. Indeed most places tip share figure as follows: At the end of each turn of the servers give a% of their tips to management that goes into a safe. At the end of the week all the money is added up and divided by the total number of hours worked host. This number is the additional amount must be obtained per hour … ie $ 500 in the bank " edge "/ 100 total hours worked $ host = 5 this is the additional amount must be received or per hour worked.

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