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server hosting for dummies
How I can configure Windows 03 as server a server? take 2?

in the first instance, you can not connect to Internet, while the other computers on my network can. but more than that, I paid for a domain name through yahoo, so I have my own but I ended money and yahoo I could not afford to accommodate me. but right still mine? I want my new server to house 03 east. I tried to create a domain on my server with the domain wizard. Now, when my server starts, I sign for that domain. but I'm still confused. I did the domain of my server the same name domain that I paid, but nothing happens. I know that my biggest problem is getting internet access to my server, but I fear that even if I do, it will not work as you want. I'm currently downloading a few ebooks on 03 server. I do not know the amount of aid that will be it may be too complicated for me to understand. I'm not artificial, may be technical in their answers. I have not much experience with servers

The website is yours, but the domain name is at stake now: anyone who pays a registrar of the possibility of getting "their" domain name. You're confusing two things: the creation of a domain on a Windows2003 server has nothing to do with an Internet domain name. You can have a domain called "ping-pong" in Windows2003 server and host a website called "" on the server itself. What you should do: – Configuring Internet connection on the server. Check the IP address of the server, make sure everything is in order. – Setting up a website on the server, using your favorite prog (IIS, Apache, whatever) – pay a record (in your case, Yahoo) to restore its domain. If not, the only way to access your web site will be through the IP address of your server. – Connect the domain IP address of your server. – Council: do not forget safety! If you can, NAT Internet connections to your web server as Windows2003 (even with SP1) is not as safe as it oughtta be!

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