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Planning your web site – the location strategy

Proir the selection of web hosting for your business the first question to ask is:
"Where are the majority of your target audience?"

Only when you know the answer may decide on the main points are:

  1. Connection speed – this relates to potential customers, and to manage your, ftp and to manage website via an administration area.

    Latency is the time it takes to connect to a website, often found as a small delay (probably one of the best definitions of dormancy is here.) This may vary depending on many factors (type of user connection is the main multiplier) however, with respect to a particular place-your-web host then we are concerned about the time it takes for your customers and locate the machine is in your website. A simple network program can be used to measure this time, or time round as they say, is "ping".

    These are some typical ping (speed) tests in London, UK:

    the UK hosted sites: (London data center in the UK) = about 2milliseconds (ms) (datacenter Leeds, UK) = about 10 ms

    EU to hosted sites: (data center Netherlands) = about 11 ms (data center Netherlands) = about 10 ms (data center Netherlands) = 22ms About

    to USA hosted sites: (California, U.S. data center) = about 84ms (Colorado, USA data center) = about 166ms (California, USA data center) = around 114ms

  2. SEO search engine optimization - you need Google to index their pages in the country concerned to ensure that your target audience see the product.

    Google is now the major source of traffic for businesses worldwide. be sure that your site is listed in the search results of the country where your target customers reside.

  3. Legal issues – Data Protection.

    Be sure to stay within the law – protection laws data dictate that you do not export your customer data outside the EU without the necessary agreement and understanding of each client.

  4. Cost – Depends on what the host country the cost of bandwidth can be restrictive.

So … the correct location is important to take into account the location of their customers, then this will help you decide where to host your web site. The connection speed is an important factor as well.

For. UK web sites that require traffic in the UK (United Kingdom listed in Google), then accommodations in Europe will be fine. But TLD (. Com,. Net,. Org, etc. ..) domains that require a Google listings in the UK, then you must be hosted on servers in the United Kingdom. Customers based in the U.S., then it should be based in the U.S., which the state, and that is another matter …

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