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server hosting illinois
"I can accommodate WordPress from a student account on a university server?

I am a student at NEIU in Illinois, which allows us to account student with FTP access and a home folder to host a website. For some reason, the staff has no idea what I'm talking about when we wonder about SQL access … even with the webmaster. My question is this: if these are the tools that have given me, "I can install a SQL Server server folder in my home and host WordPress blog from there … or if someone just does not work or you will find a server running and shut me down. I know this is a difficult question … any information would be appreciated.

I do not think you can do that. You need more than FTP access to install a database server on the server at your school. You would have to access the command line with Administrator permissions. I did a quick search for "free hosting mysql" and found these two Sites that looks like it can give you a mysql database for free: ** I have never used either of them, so I can not make any warranty as to whether they are legit. They look good to me, however. If the school allows php scripts, then it would be able to accommodate WordPress blog from there to your MySQL database hosted elsewhere.

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