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server hosting in australia
Is there any advantage in using a web hosting company whose server is based in their own country?

I am currently researching web hosting since The plan to build some websites for my wife's business. I am based in Australia, but I am considering United States-based accommodation, and that seems to offer much better value for money than any other local accommodation. Are there reasons for hosting Australian companies to charge more? Is there any benefit in using an Australian hosting company? Are there any disadvantages of using a U.S. company accommodation, in particular, GoDaddy? I am particularly interested in whether My wife's sites appear on Google and Yahoo if I use a U.S. company accommodation, but users, click "sites in Australia only"? Their domains end with. com,. net o. info.

> Is there any reason for Australian companies to charge more housing? Yes, it is the lack of competition. :) There is absolutely no disadvantages of using some host U.S.. Search engines (like Google) are indexing web sites based on keywords and links, and no the location of a server. Some SEOs will tell you that is a factor, but not true. Most web sites around the world stay in the U.S. for a reason. Of course, sites are displayed in Google and Yahoo. About Godaddy, not used for housing, is not very good. Not even used for domains (changed Namecheap). Neither use 1and1, their support is the worst. I can to host my sites on Media Temple (plans from $ 20 – they are great) and Dreamhost (about $ 10 – also excellent if you need something cheaper).

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