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server hosting in europe
Will hosting my website on a US based server damage its search engine rankings for people in the UK?

my website is aimed at the European and UK market. I am considering hosting it with a US webhost, mainly for reasons of cost and quality of service. Will doing so harm my search engine rankings for people searching from the UK and Europe?


No, it would only have a marginal influence. A lot more important are standard SEO practices, like title tags, headers, website copy, link building. If you’re worried about it, you could do a search on some of the keywords you’re interested in and see what hosting your competitors use. (you can use ) or better yet check what is really important, and that is how many backlinks they have. (I recommend for this)

P.S. Since you’re from the UK are currently having a promotion in the UK. They are offering one year of a free hosting and a domain (You have to pay the £9.50 setup fee and that’s it). They’re a nice choice if you don’t need more than 3GB of disk space.

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