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What are the e-commerce sites with Malaysia's success.?

How can we design a commercial website such as If gives you detailed and explained as ansewers when and how to use html css, php, mysql and javascript. and how to begin? how to get a domain name? how host the file or the web? how to enter a credit card? What is PayPal. ? How I can register as a company? how much capital is need? What kind of servers Is it necessary? Is there any website or company, or consulting a book for the above issues? I am even willing to pay for these people or consulting, if I get all answers.Otherwise meeting also considered high qaulity greater knowledge in the field of computer and rural commercial website. if you wish, you can contact me at there are many experts in this field. my question is an open question that can help also.its others need not respond to a can answer the part of the question for example dependcy server for the website. ii is glad to see its efforts

if you are in Malaysia, which can join the local entrepreneurship forum, Since there are many answers to these questions. You can read this thread which is made for beginners: Hope this helps. If you still need help, what can personally email me @ Aman, Malaysia Web Hosting & Domain Name Provider

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