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Dynamics GP implementation in the distribution: e-commerce and warehouse management with barcode

In order to achieve high volume wholesale or retail at the lowest cost of its sales cycle should be fully automated (with fewer telephone calls, which are transferred to the center call technical support). If you are in Wholesale, then ideally customers should re-order merchandise through the shopping cart B2B trading electronic channels or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). If you are also in retail, the best is that your new or existing freight customers through shopping cart B2C e-commerce. In all scenarios for customer orders go to your corporate ERP implementation in our publication we are setting an example, where ERP is Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Dynamics / eEnterprise). Dynamics GP in turn, sets the order customer or invoice via Warehouse Management System add-on for immediate compliance warehouse, picking and packing and shipping. If you think more automation (Perhaps due to the high level of trust customers to pay via credit card or account, usually directly through its commerce shopping cart mail, such as Magento / PHP or ASP.Net Store or other platform) – Dynamics GP to send lots of direct sales from e-commerce web application deployment Alba Spectrum Posting Server plugin. We will review the options and technologies:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP as ERP platform. This application is hosted in Microsoft SQL Server, ie the highest scalability possible and almost an unlimited number of e-commerce transactions or source EDI could be processed in real time time (sell lots automatic posting in the GP) or in near real time (scheduled batch publish or caused by the user GP). In the Great Plains should review the distribution called all the modules: Sales order processing, inventory control, purchase order processing

2. Automation Sales: EDI. Electronic exchange of documents is very generic term post, or even by email. If sales order placement rules are reasonably simple, we recommend you do custom programming of EDI, XML processing, text file import and preprocessing via EDI records Dynamics GP Integration Manager, the same results could be achieved in eConnect SDK programming (if you are uncomfortable making Microsoft Visual Studio C # or VB.Net programming and objects have some exposure to the Great Plains, such as sales orders, customer, inventory item)

3. Automation Sales: B2B and B2C commerce mail. This is a very popular in B2C e-commerce retail, and Internet clients are usually very knowledgeable about technology. Wholesale in B2B e-commerce scenarios still reasonable to expect competition between EDI and electronic commerce restocking merchandise. Let's review e-commerce extension of Dynamics GP. We encourage you to rely on e-commerce shopping cart platform, such as Magento, ASP. Red Store or you can choose other people – here you should expect reliability (as they have large customer base and most errors are already beta tested and fixed). Done a lot of e-commerce shopping cart will bill or SOP Dynamics GP Sales Order Customer Deposit (payment by credit or debit card for times when technology permits.) Alba Trade electronic spectrum have add-on interface setup wizard driven, where if e-commerce requires no customization – you can do it yourself within a matter of hours

4. Assignment order the warehouse floor in real time. Warehouse Management Extension works directly from the tables processing sales orders and sales order handling or invoice is ready to be picked and packed. Its warehouse worker has barcode scanner operating system, which is installed WMS client application. client application is the customer's documents on hand and ready for implementation. Each line the order is fulfilled by scanning the barcode of the item. We configure your WMS SOP documents to require the manual assignment – the assignment is made in the store by the bar code scanner. WMS client application talks to the WMS server via wireless or RFID and WMS server in turn be network cable (or even mobile if the volume of low-barcode scanning) files scanned documents into Dynamics GP through the mechanism Connector Order ODBC

5. In addition to automation – electronic commerce and EDI publication originated sales documents automatically. Microsoft Dynamics GP architecture requires Sales, Purchasing, GL batch or batches of different origin will be reviewed by accountants, HR managers AP (check the discounts offered, credit limits, and other gifts to be reasonable and, if necessary adjust the sales commission, etc.). We do not believe that he would oppose the logic of the activity, but if you are at high security your e-commerce transactions originated and would like your e-commerce application to do all the work to pay for trade customers e to appear in store for the assembly to order or picking and packing items and shipping to the customer – we have special product Alba Spectrum Posting Server that to program the lot for automatic real-time travel (every 30 seconds) directly from the e-commerce web application

6. How contact? Please call us at 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, or email us International customers are welcome, of course U.S. provided and Canada Dynamics GP, WMS, EDI and electronic commerce software licenses sale, installation and implementation for the trip to his office for the initial software implementation and user training and support after the meeting remotely through Web conferencing and telephone. If absolutely necessary local walking service, we are pleased to help in Michigan: St. Joseph, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Saugatuck, South Haven, Ludington, Grand Haven, Battle Creek. We are also at the local level in Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County (Irvine Office). underground business where available locally is from Chicago – Downtown Chicago, Naperville and all suburbs of the South, West and North, including Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin. We also serves with local support in Houston, Texas

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Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum Group, 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, serving GP customers USA and Canada Nationwide: California, Minnesota, New York, Quebec, Ontario, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, new Mexico, Iowa, Indiana, Alaska, Hawaii. Local service is available in Houston/Dallas: Richmond, Rosenberg, Katy, Galveston, Sugar Land; in Chicago: Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, Batavia, Downers Grove, Schaumburg, Rockford, Elgin, Crystal Lake, Joliet, Hinsdale, Lisle, Montgomery, Oswego


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