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The delay of the black ops? (Pc ps3 +)?

Hey so I've been playing nothing but pc a year ago I think and I return to my PS3 ops black cod. Will the console version will be p2p or dedicated servers, as the pc. I live in a rural area of ​​Ireland, so my only option host is English, but please tell me that there are dedicated servers, as I do not want a man owning others for I have no lag no lag so our area is considered. ping at least I can get in BC2 is 65 and I want to be able to choose the servers again. Im sick of matchmaking

I so games.This ps3 is a game better. => Call of Duty: Black Ops * Wide range of game modes including a player, local multiplayer and online co-op versus and multiplayer * Seventh installment of the series Call of Duty, on the basis of conflicts fire of the Cold War era * diverse variety of game ranging from the creation of urban air combat ground in Southeast Asia, to combat the snow in the region of the jungle * Soviet anti COD mixture of traditional and new first-person character scenarios designed both to preserve the essence of the gaming experience and ensure action COD constantly flowing and varied arsenal * New weapons and vehicles linked to the Cold War, including the SR-71 Blackbird and explosives placed on the tip springs -3/dp/B003JVCA9Q /? tag = knapaaai-20

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