Server Hosting Issues

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server hosting issues
mailto PHP function does not work for me! godaddy windows hosting account!?

hi all I created a form that my visitors can fill out and a simple php script is supposed to send information to me. When my visitors click the submit button appears on the website I made to thank the people of subscription, and everything worked fine, however I never get anything in my email! My site is hosted by GoDaddy Windows server, godaddy support team say they are not compatible with the clients to the scripts. the thing is that the same files (html and php) worked fine on other servers hosting. been a few days with this problem, I'm really tired. search google forums much, nothing really helped. any suggestions for the solution would be perfect. thanks

In First, "mailto" is not a PHP function: it is a function of HTML. The PHP function "mail ()". Second, if the script has was working fine on other servers, but not on GoDaddy, it is likely that the mail service is not enabled on your site (You must have access to send SMTP messages e-mail.) download and test the "email form" script If not, then you do NOT have SMTP access. (This script has been tested on many systems that I lost count, and never stopped once.) Finally, the choice of a Windows server is not ideal, if has to change, go for a lamp (Unix / Linux based). Avoid any product from Microsoft like the plague (if possible): he was beaten with endless on license fees and "extr-cost." I suspect that GoDaddy does not allow email (it's a very bad host, with a reputation pretty bad!), or have some kind of "anti-spam filter" that think their messages are spam.

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