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Brainstorming to collect data in the design of the Corporate Information Network

Suppose you are appointed to lead a design project organization's computer network that contains many sites that need to be integrated into a single corporate private network, what are you doing? As team leader, a project schedule as the general needs to be developed first, which includes the exchange of ideas for data collection as much as possible, the draft plan, the forecast budget, liaising with the third and so on.

It is very difficult to initiate a project successfully without knowing exactly what the strengths and weaknesses infrastructure support that the system is based on. Therefore, computer network design should begin by brainstorming to collect data as much as possible.

Suppose that this computer network design will be developed in three locations: a main office based in Sydney, a main office in Jakarta, and a remote site – the gold mine in the jungle of Borneo. The director of the organization would like to have all sites linked to a corporate computer network to allow communication only between sites, such as data, voice or video conference, and of course likely to allow easy communication with the world.

Requirements for Telecommunications

The first data for the design of its computer network that needs to be collected is the requirements of the telecommunications system. The main question is how linking all sites to enable system communication to happen. The following questions may be used to collect data for telecommunications needs.

1. Organizing the telecommunications service in remote locations? We understand that the head offices in Sydney and Jakarta is in the area where you can find great amount of communication services. What happens to the remote site – the site in the middle of the jungle? You should contact the third party company technology can provide WAN services – probably using the satellite communication link.
2. Collect the information what type of communication be allowed for the remote site to the Jakarta office: just data, voice, video, or a combination thereof. This information is important to help determine the extent of broadband satellite link you need. This is related to the budget because it is expensive satellite link.
3. What type of WAN technology data link between Jakarta and Sydney, Frame Relay, ISDN, VPN connection? Liaising with the third – the telecommunications company will help.

You need to dig and find more specific data for the project. Telecommunication requirements must be resolved before it can proceed to collect other requirements Infrastructure in this case.

Requirements of the infrastructure network

Second requirement for the design of its computer network to collect data on the network infrastructure requirements. All data related to the needs of logical and physical infrastructure must be picked up as much as possible. The following questions can be used to collect data.

1. How many hosts will be at each site, including workstations, servers, switches, routers, point wireless access and VoIP. This will help in the calculation and design of IP address requirements.
2. Collect information management if you need to host major public resources, whether in Sydney or Jakarta sites. If so, where are all public resources is within the private network or in the DMZ (perimeter network)? This will help in designing the entry point of safety. By holding public resources, the domain name must be designed to secure the separation of domain names between the internal and public use.
3. Collect information on safety requirements internal network. individuals or departments safe limit? This will help in the design of its computer network if the network segmentation within the local network necessary. And it also helps in the design of how users are grouped and develop appropriate policies to meet safety requirements.
4. Collect primary address information to develop service level agreements on the availability of network resources. How important network resources affect business continuity, if you do not work. This will help you design the requirements of redundant resources, such as the need for load balancing, and so on.
5. Collect information on the location in each of the sites, as well the power is, how long the distance between each building connect to the network, you can run network cabling or wireless connection. If the wireless connection is necessary to examine how the attenuation factors affect wireless performance.
6. Collect the information if the users who travel or tele-workers will be allowed access to corporate network resources. This will help you design your VPN needs and safety requirements regarding the authentication and authorization for remote connection.
7. And excavations more necessary with respect to infrastructure requirements that is specific to the project. Having data brainstorming regarding infrastructure requirements that can make the budget in relation to the hardware, software and consulting requirements for implementing the design of your network.

Disaster Management

In the design of its computer network, disaster recovery planning and business continuity must be in the mind. The so if the issue should not base any design decisions, including selection of location, hardware, software, models, the third involved and so on. For example in the construction of the server room, is a wise decision not to fill all the servers on a single main server room. Another alternative server in the construction of different would be better to avoid a single point of failure in the case of main server room is completely burned in the fire disaster.

The design project diagram of computer network must be accurately evaluated. The security risk assessment should be out to help design the appropriate control to reduce potential threats to occur and if the threats occurred, what measures are necessary to allow business work at least the minimum level of performance.

In the design of its computer network should also consider the ease of maintaining the system later by the administrators to provide complete documentation including operations manuals and disaster recovery planning.

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