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server hosting korea
Does anyone know if CS will come online in the U.S.?

Counter Strike Online recently, the new, came out in Korea and other parts of Asia. This new game has graphics cod4 but not done by the valve. Does anyone know if the servers will host this new game in the U.S. or if the game will go shopping? I was hoping this new game, the last CS was made in 2004, but was bummber when I heard the news (if anyone knows, can someone recommend any video game (PC )…. cod4 haha I do not know that wine is fresh.

No, but I know a game called WolfTeam same type of shooter like CS but u can turn into a wolf! . go to Yahoo search for Wolfteam. web site if wolfteam / or something. Go there, register ur account then download the Complete the game and DirectX 9. Its FREE. Try it!

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