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Server Requirements for the web hosting company?

hello friends, my question is if someone wants to start a web hosting company, then what are the requirements for that server. i mean the number of servers (Linux servers only) are necessary and what software or packages needed for that server. also if I have to install different servers to different packages such as email servers, HTTP, etc. there are other methods proxy server as a cloud (cloud computing is what I studied, but they do not understand what it is) if there is any reference or manuals have been written about these, please also paste.

Start small and slowly growing. Two minimum: 1 = mail and Web, 2 = DNS. Pack as many armies as you can on a server. For your information, there are tons competitive web hosting so you need something to give that extra touch, whether excellent customer service and uptime or cpanel easy to use. Note that you have to deal with a lot of issues, for example, spammers, phishing, copyright, network attacks. Cloud computing is using multiple servers to act as a single unit – the cloud. Everything is transparent to the end user. A good example is Google Apps. Log into Gmail and see a calendar and other goodies. Amazon also has one, but there is a fee. If you are interested, try eucalyptus. Is included in Ubuntu 9.04 and Ubuntu over as Enterprise Cloud. Two minimum.

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    But if you still want to build it, make it available for free and monetize
    through the in-app ad-model. Once installed on the phone, it could allow
    the server’s owner to control the mobile device, says Lookout.
    Since it is an open source program, one can develop applications
    using Java language and get them executed on Android operating system.

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