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Dynamics GP Implementation in International Environment Notes

Common scenario is when the U.S. company medium sized international company is based: outsourced production and assembly, research and development acquired mining facility, whatever … If this is your case, and works for the IT department corporate, the question that is likely to face is your Corporate ERP implementation in our article in the Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly Great Plains Dynamics, is a good fit for the industry abroad. As you might expect, the answer is – depends … Before delving into details, please think of two complicating factors: the abroad usually speak and write in foreign and second language – usually foreign country is independent and sets its own internal regulations of enterprises (code taxes, reporting of public finances, licensing). Sometimes it goes further, as local accounting practice could be oriented cash profit recognition (Corporate ERP platform more generic in the U.S. count on the accrual method). Bring on the details:

1. Dynamics GP license server. Licensing is per server, so if you plan to roll out the Great Plains to the international subsidiary, can, if we add the GP on the server company in the field, the same, that the current armies of the Great Plains of the system. Please note that Microsoft database SQL Server for the foreign subsidiary must be supported by guarantees of foreign languages, assuming that the target language is based on the Latin alphabet, accents and other signs modification of an

2. Where in the world is located Dynamics GP? ERP localization usually assumes the local language translation and compliance local and national regulations on business. About 10 years ago, when Great Plains Software U.S. corporation software development – which has only Great Plains Dynamics Accounting as a platform for international expansion. These days the Great Plains was available in several languages, including the most important in Europe, as Spanish, German, French, Polish, including Russia. However, when Microsoft bought Great Plains Software in 2001 and then shortly after Navision Software (addition Navision and Microsoft Axapta ERP Corporate family), and as Navision already had much of the ERP market for Corporate Europe, the emphasis was on the head of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP was step by step, downplayed in Europe. Something similar happened in Brazil, where our company was chosen to locate Microsoft Great Plains 7.5 and Navision was chosen as the preferred ERP platform and is now the focus Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta). At this time, October 2009, the Microsoft version Dynamics GP 10.0 is available in English speaking countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Oceania, English speaking Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia). Also available in Spanish for most of the countries of Central and Latin America. In French is available for Quebec. Dynamics ISV partners have limited local support for Dynamics GP in Poland

3. What if all we need do is to translate Dynamics GP several interfaces in the local language and maybe have a few custom Crystal Reports? This is not very difficult routine. Translation can be done in Great Plains Dexterity (String resources), and can be deployed on the server DYNAMICS.DIC translated Terminal Server or Citrix, dedicated to the foreign office users GP

4. Unicode characters (usually hieroglyphs: Chinese, Japanese, Korean). Here you do not have much room for Dynamics GP customization, such as the Great Plains Dexterity platform (GP architecture layer base) does not support Unicode now, and probably will not support in the future. Skills shell is programmed in C + + in 1990th before, when Unicode is not yet known. Some limit the functionality of GP could be opened out if implemented NJ star products (we are happy to give you some credits here)

5. What if I do not see my country listed here? Well, if you are dedicated to the Microsoft Dynamics platform, please consider two ways. One Microsoft CRM would be implemented in the local language, where you can produce quotes and sales orders and integrate Dynamics GP (only GP when the company is open to the integration of CRM) at headquarters. The second option is the application of GP Dynamics AX Axapta (located in a wide variety of countries, including China and supports Unicode characters.) What if you do not think AX or CRM is the way forward? then read the next paragraph

6. The SAP Business One application for small and medium enterprises in the corporate market ERP and MRP is perfect in our opinion in the international application and integration of large firms scenarios Plains. SB1 is located in countries like Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, most of continental Europe. Not supported Unicode. We have implemented SBO in international corporations and the SB1 company integrates with Dynamics GP integration through the planned integration CEO Ledger level. SB1 transaction you can export to Excel and then include them in FRx consolidated financial information. As a "luxury" approach is recommended overnight or weekly GL transaction level integration of SAP Business One Microsoft Dynamics GP through eConnect or Integration Manager (If the logic of integration complex as required and is not feasible in the case of script-based instant messaging VBA), and as exporters recommend budget approach SB1 financial statements (Income Statement, Balance) to Excel and consolidating the reporting level FRx

7. Recommendations for Russia. In the Russian Federation that local school is very strong and very difficult accounting regulation of business practice. SAP Business One is located in Russia, but considering the regulation tough business, you can choose the local implementation of ERP packages Corporate Accounting and H1 (1C bukhgalteria)

8. Recommendations for Brazil. In our opinion SB1, Microsoft Dynamics AX are ready to be chosen, SAP Business One is cheaper licensing and budget implementation, services, AX has more functionality (especially taking into account manufacturing processes, where Microsoft Dynamics AX is the leader – the Brazilian food processing and export to U.S. Europe). In Brazil you can also hear strong feelings against foreign corporate ERP systems, and if this is too important for people to Brazilian accounting, considered as local and Brazilian package Microsiga

9. I get help? Please do not hesitate to call: 1-866-528-0577, outside U.S.: 1-630-961-5918 or email us us are very real technical and Skill Dynamics GP, SAP Business One SDK programming gurus. We have Great Plains Software Development Factory and could support unlimited Dynamics GP Customization and Programming needs. You speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and not just sales-speaking native people, but real as technical consultants. If you prefer skype: albaspectrum

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